Tomato Sauce Reviews

Need some more convincing before giving our jarred pasta sauce a try? Read what our extremely satisfied customers have to say about Jule's Tomato Sauce.


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Simply The Best

Not much more to say. Hands down the best tomato sauce in a jar!

I have allergies to a lot of food items and this is one tomato sauce that I can enjoy .
I love the taste , clean ingredients, and it doesn’t trigger my allergies .
I put it on my oven roasted tofu , vegan Italian sausages , and make vegan pizza with it .

Best in Jersey City

Jules is the best restaurant in JC. Best pasta dish, meatball sandwich, eggplant sandwich, best pizza, best antipasto salad. I also worked at Jules on West Side Avenue and Montgomery St in Jersey City as a dishwasher when I was a senior in High School. My family ate at Jules every Friday night for dinner. I got sad when they closed. JC lost a icon restaurant.

Jules Tomato Sauce

Our very favorite tomato sauce! It is delicious!

very good sauce

This is much better than the national brands available in your local supermarket.
I wish the jars were closer to 16oz in size.

Happiness is

Finding a spaghetti sauce that takes you back to your favorite Italian restaurant that has been closed for years!! This is such a delicious surprise that I bought care packages for my adult kids. So so good.

Sauce is Boss!

Truly enjoyed Jules Vodka sauce and rigatoni. Yummy and fresh tasting!!

The sauce is excellent. And the shipping is fast. I have been eating the sauce for about 30 years. Great stuff

One of the Best Red Sauces!

Jule's, formerly Jar Goods, offers the best marinara and the best vodka sauce (next to Amy's). It is worth buying these products, wherever you can find them. The sauces taste fresh, light, flavorful. They are not salty and taste close to real tomatoes. Thank you, Jar Goods :)

Love this sauce!

This is the best tomato sauce I've ever found in a store (and I've tried many). I alternate between the Spicy and Classic. Super thick and tasty!


Great sauce, perfect amount of spicyness!

Great Sauce!

Just tried the classic red for the first time and it was like I ate it for the 1,000th time since I frequented Jule’s growing up. Can’t wait to try the vodka sauce with some pepperoni mixed in next.

Vegan saice

Can you leave out the highly inflammatory canola oil and use all olive oil. Also organic tomato option would be nice.


love the product - and he new pack size for hospitality

Ridiculously Delicious

I never knew jarred sauce could be this good. Worth every penny & then some!

Great for gifts

Gave Classic Red, Vodka and Spicey sauces along w/pasta to others for the holidays. They especially enjoyed reading the family history of
Jule’s and loved the fresh flavor of the sauces!

The best sauce ever

This tastes better than homemade. I buy these in bulk !!

Truly homemade.

Jules tomato sauce is truly like homemade because it comes from a homemade recipe passed down through restauranteurs from three generations. If you haven’t already given it a try you definitely should. You’ll stop making your own and buy Jules instead.


Your sauce is so wonderful! It reminds me of my grandmother’s ! It’s so versatile and easy to include and add to meals! As a Christmas gift it was very well received by all!
Laura and John you have created a delicious Godsend !
Happy Holidays

My Nana Jule won’t steer you wrong!

I grew up on this delectable tomato sauce. It’s thick and hearty, and bursting with fresh tomato flavor. It’s the only one I’ll eat and the only one I serve to my family. Unless I make my own batch. But, why would I when Jar Goods has bottled Jules sauce… ❤️❤️❤️

Vodka sauce is amazing

Can't get enough of the vodka sauce - tastes like restaurant quality sauce!

Vodka Sauce

WOW WOW WOW- The vodka sauce is amazing!!! Can’t wait to try the rest! So excited I learned about this brand - Jules is out of this world!!

Fusilli Rustic Tri Color
Daniela J.

Always delicious! My kids love that we can get dinosaur pasta now too! Highly recommend it!

Great sauces

I’ve been ordering these sauces for a while now and they are all delicious.

Jule's Tomato Sauce Unisex T-Shirt
Laura R.
Truly the Best

I never knew jarred sauce could be this good. When I can’t make it myself, this is my go-to sauce.