Frequently Asked Questions

The key difference is that tomato sauce is thicker and much more complicated. Read our blog post "The difference between tomato sauce and marinara sauce" to learn more.

Our products are made in two production facilities, one located in Massachusetts and the other in Connecticut.

All of our products have a two year shelf life. The best by date can be found imprinted at the top of each jar. Once open, our products remain fresh for 7-8 days as long as sealed and refrigerated.

If it's Jar Goods, it might not last that long because it is so good. In all seriousness, our jars of tomato sauce have a shelf life of two years. Once opened, we recommend keeping them refrigerated and using them within 7-8 days.

Yes, our Classic Vodka is made with cream.

All of our products are Gluten free. However, we are not certified Gluten Free.

Yes, our Vegan Vodka tomato sauce contains coconut.

No, however, all are produced in a facility that uses nuts, soy, eggs or wheat. The highest level of sanitation procedures are used on all production lines after any allergens such as nuts or soy are used.

At this time, none of our products are Kosher. They were perviously and hopefully will be again in the near future. We have updated our labels and removed the OU logo.

We do! We have partnered with Faire to offer you free returns and net 60 days terms! Create an account to place your first order.