Tomato Sauce Variety Pack
Tomato Sauce Variety Pack
Tomato Sauce Variety Pack
Tomato Sauce Variety Pack
Tomato Sauce Variety Pack
Tomato Sauce Variety Pack

Tomato Sauce Variety Pack

The Jule's Tomato Sauce Variety Pack includes four delicious pasta sauce flavors so you can enjoy a variety of tomato sauces, each with a homemade taste and premium ingredients. This tomato sauce variety pack includes all the family favorites, one jar each of our Classic Red sauce, Classic Spicy sauce, Classic Vodka sauce, and Dairy-Free Vodka sauce.

Jar Size: 16 oz
Jar Count: 4



    All Jar Goods pasta sauces feature vine ripened tomatoes from California


    Jar Goods tomato sauce has no added sugar


    Jar Goods pasta sauces are non gmo project verified where labeled


    Jar Goods Classic Red, Spicy and Vegan Vodka sauces are vegan


    "Once you taste this red perfection, you will NEVER go back to whatever you were buying before."

    Patricia (verified buyer)

    Tastes Like Homemade

    When it comes to pasta sauces, the tomato is king. Nothing hits the spot quite like a stunning red sauce, but it’s tough to find the time to make your own batch of homemade tomato sauce. When time is a factor and homemade taste is essential, the Jar Goods Tomato Sauce Variety Pack is just what you need and has something for everyone.

    With this gourmet variety box, we include four delicious takes on the classic red sauce, so you can enjoy a multitude of flavors in a flash, without losing that homemade quality. Each sauce is made from premium ingredients and contain no added sugar. There is a flavor for everyone in your family to love.

    Try Them All

    Try all four of our outrageous pasta sauces, our Classic Red sauce, Classic Spicy sauce, Classic Vodka sauce, and Vegan Vodka sauce, each of which is perfect on pasta, powerful in pizza, and crazy in a casserole. Use them however you see fit to enjoy quality homemade cooking in a fraction of the time.

    Made With Quality Ingredients

    Jule's Tomato Sauce is made with only the highest quality ingredients, ensuring it tastes just like homemade. We have taken the time to perfect our recipe by selecting only vine-ripened tomatoes and pure olive oil, and our sauces contain no added sugar for a taste that is both natural and delicious. We have put in the effort to jar this special recipe so you can enjoy it whenever you wish!

    Classic Red

    Classic Red nutrition panel

    Classic Spicy

    Classic Spicy nutrition panel

    Classic Vodka

    Classic Vodka nutrition panel

    Dairy-Free Vodka

    Dairy-Free Vodka nutrition panel

    * Classic Vodka sauce contains milk
    * Dairy-Free Vodka sauce contains coconut

    Family Dinner Ideas

    Killer Spaghetti (spaghetti all’assassina)

    Jan 22, 2023 John Vitelli

    This classic, spicy one-pot pasta dish, known as "Killer Spaghetti" has been a staple in many restaurant menus for years. In an easy recipe idea that can be prepared ahead of time and tastes just as good reheated as is does the first time around.

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    Homemade Lasagna

    Jan 03, 2023 John Vitelli

    Who doesn't love a good homemade lasagna recipe? Our easy homemade lasagna recipe made with our Classic Red tomato sauce is meaty, cheesy, and packed with flavor in every bite. Add a side salad and a crunchy loaf of garlic bread to round out a winning dinner.

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    Homemade Meatballs

    Dec 09, 2022 John Vitelli

    Spaghetti and meatballs. It's hard to find a more authentic Italian dish than the legendary bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. It's also hard to a comforting family dinner that is easier to make.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Chris D.

    Great sauce, perfect amount of spicyness!

    Debbie J.
    Vodka Sauce

    WOW WOW WOW- The vodka sauce is amazing!!! Can’t wait to try the rest! So excited I learned about this brand - Jules is out of this world!!

    Jodi S.
    Awesome tomato sauce

    We have been using Prego Sauce & I used Jule’s sauce instead and everyone wanted to know what was different! They loved it.

    Vincenzo C.

    Tomato Sauce Variety Pack

    Daniela J.

    The sauces are delicious! My kids love it! This time I also ordered the pasta and they are so good. Highly recommend!

    Stephanie K.
    Best sauces ever from a great small business!

    I love Jar Good sauces. They are flavorful, come in just the right size jar, and the service is outstanding! I always order the variety pack because I can never decide on only one flavor, they are all that good! Keep up the good work!

    Barbara V.
    Review comments

    Jar Goods is a delicious homemade sauce in a jar. It is simple in ingredients and worth the price in taste, and convenience, because it tastes homemade. The varieties make it easier to use the sauces in most any recipe without all the preparation and fuss.

    Brittany S.

    Better than I could ever make myself - in that case, way BETTER than homemade.

    Bridget S.

    Tomato Sauce Box Set

    Rosemary H.
    Classic Red Review

    We really enjoyed the classic red jar sauce so far. With minimal ingredients, It still tastes very much like slow cooked homemade sauce rather than the mass produced brand types. We can't wait to try the classic spicy jar sauce but we're definitely planning to order classic red to always keep it in stock as our go to specialty sauce.